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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive and a terrifying weapon…

In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…



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3 days ago
I've posted this a time or two but since you all like it, it bears a repeat. ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #EveandRoarke #Cops
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Ive posted this a time or two but since you all like it, it bears a repeat.  ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #EveandRoarke #cops

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You just can’t help but giggle and imagine the look on Roarke’s face when he hears Eve say it. Then the slight stutter in her thought process as her concern is real.

I love how Eve always tells him he thinks like a cop and Roarke takes it as an insult

Poor Roarke. Eve is forever insulting him this way. Personally, I think that he gets a kick out of acting insulted. Maybe it was real the first couple of books, but now it's part of their marrieds love talk.

I am going to start reading Nora's JD Robb books from book #1 now that Library is open again. Read all the books under Nora Roberts so far. Can't get enough of the way she writes from the very 1st page .

Roarke always gets insulted when Eve even remotely refers to him as a cop, tells him he thinks like a cop, ...🤣🤣🤣

I love it bc everyone knows to be a great cop, you have to think like a criminal. So really, she is complimenting him. 😂

When Eve thought she was going to lose Roarke when she called for Medical Assistance she said officer down. Eve and Roake have meshed into a wonderful pair, not to cool and calm that they are mushy but no matter what you can see the love.

Poor Roarke he makes a good cop even though he doesn’t want to be one!

My blood ran cold, and then a hilarious Roarke quip to heat it back up with relieved giggles.

He knows it's really the highest compliment from her

What a great scene in the book and LOVED that line.

I love how they interact so perfectly with each other in their own ways 😂

You can almost "see" the disgust in his voice 😂 😂

I am looking for some of your older in death books, where can I get them without paying an arm and a leg

Such great books!

It would be fun to vote on the most popular excerpt from each book.

Dallas doesn't panic but when Roarke is injured or in life-threatening danger she panics.

I get it! I am an X-ray Technologist, not a "technician".

The ultimate insult 😂 Lucky Mick or Brian Kelly didn't hear 😂☘

Yes, that is an insult in today’s America. It is a crime against decency to call a decent human a member of law enforcement . To many have proven that they are a bunch of trigger happy white supremacy supporters.

Currently listening to vendetta

Love how Eve gives the highest compliment she has and Roarke is insulted. lol

How insulting after he helps so much! Lol

I love Rourkes sense of humor.

Brought tears to my eyes.

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4 days ago
Just for the record...🤣 ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #EveandRoarke #future
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Just for the record...🤣 ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #EveandRoarke #future

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I love it when Roarke is trying to embarrass Eve. It is great

I just finished reading Fantasy In Death for about I don't know the 8th time I think it is awesome.

The conversations that so embarrass Eve are great

Make it official.

Just finished rereading Creation and laughed like a loon when Eve told Roarke to eat his boobs.

Love all these books. I read them over and over again

Love Roarke, he just loves pushing Eve’s buttons 😂

Looking forward to reading this one

He so loves to needle her ❤️

me 2 .. *ROARKE is L*iterally everyTHING * ggg *

I liked when Roarke said that.

Is Fantasy in Death out?

Love Roarke!

I love these and how they interact ❤️🥰❤️

He knows he needs the official with his cop

Love this ❤️

I love their relationship

Off topic. Does it say in any of the books what type of cat Galahad is? I know he has heterochromia, and is fat, but I can't remember it ever saying if he is black, tabby, ginger etc?


When Eve is trying to come up with an explanation Roarke will give her one and he'll let the explanation be said when he knows her recorder is on. He loves rattling her a little.

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5 days ago
If you've read this series in order since 1995, you've seen how science IRL caught up with JD's fictional world. Though I know everyone still wishes for an Auto Chef. ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #evedallas #AutoChef
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If youve read this series in order since 1995, youve seen how science IRL caught up with JDs fictional world. Though I know everyone still wishes for an Auto Chef. ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #evedallas #AutoChef

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I’m fascinated by the fact that an auto chef is small enough to fit in Eves's puny office, but holds as many food choices as it does. How big do most imagine this appliance is? I need to make space for it in the kitchen I’ll have in my 80's. I don’t cook now, I’ll definitely need one then! Lol

I want a drying tube and a shower that turns on to the right temp by voice control. And a Roarke. 💖💖

I would ♥️ an auto chef also a magic coat in pink like Peabody’s and a shuttle at my command

I'm currently partway through my annual reread (up to Origins atm) and I so badly want an autochef and a drying tube. And Eve and Roarke's swimming pool!

An auto chef would be the best technology that I’ve ever read about. I love how you have blended technology into the books but not made them so sci-fi as to be beyond the realm of future reality.

I like that it was Eve who figured it out and when she was asking Roarke to help her set up the program so she could show the others and they were discussing it and he was saying it couldn't be done, what Eve said made him pause and see how it might be done. Sure hope you understood that, LOL!

What I find so interesting (beyond the characters and the stories) is that you've been writing these for years (in the future).... but the future is suddenly almost our reality!

It was cute the way she slipped in tablets acting like they'd always been around. Now if we could just get those that have never read about this kind of stuff in their lives from thinking the woman invented this crap. I do NOT understand what kind of rocks some of these people have been under. 🤦

I have read every book in the series. I have absolutely loved every single one of them. Dallas is my all-time favorite character

If I could have one real thing from the In Death books (not counting Roarke, but whoa!), I'd probably go for the holo rooms. Wouldn't it be great to have an impromptu visit to the beach without worrying about weather, travel, etc.?

Read them all. Dont have them. Slowly collecting. I can read your book in a day, and live it for the next 3. Love!! Thanks Nora, and Laura!!

So much I would like, yes auto chef, but also travel to other planets, drying tube would be awesome. But most of all I would like a Roarke!!!!!!!

Can’t remember which story it was in, but I really liked the virtual reality adventure treadmill, where you could go for a run in any setting.

The concept of an auto chef is intriguing but I must confess I'm not entirely sure how it is supposed to work. Does someone actually have to cook the meals and stock them in the AC? Or do you just stock it full of different foods and ingredients and the AC prepares whatever meal you ask for. And how does it store the food? Is there a refrigeration unit, or is everything freeze dried or vacuum sealed? And there has to be some kind of heating element to it to I would think. Maybe I just overthink it 'cuz I'm an avid cook/baker, but I do wonder these things when I read about the auto chef. 🤔

Having recently moved, and delighted with being able to shelve once again books that had been in boxes for too long - I decided to read through some of my favorites....JD Robb of course being one of them. So I read the 50 novels plus the short story collections, in order, one right after the other (in about 60 days). It was great, because reading them that way you catch commentary and references to previous events that sometimes slip by when there's months between readings. Thank you J D Robb !!!!!!

I started re-reading the whole series in November. I’m on Kindred (#29) and I did notice how science caught up! I almost stopped to read Faithless, but decided to wait and continue on. I forgot so many things that happened, so enjoying it all over again.

I don't know....... I'm thinking body sculpting would be pretty cool, sounds much better than plastic surgery. lol Also a car that goes vertical!

Yep. My husband got me started on this series back in ‘02. I keep re-reading it and can’t get over how we have so much of the tech in the books.

I would love to have an auto chef for when I don't want to eat what my husband made. Like when he conveniently forgets I'm allergic to eggplant.

Here's one of the things I like about Nora's SF (I read a lot of SF). Most science fiction doesn't look at the science of what is traditionally women's work. Nora has a stay-at-home parent stipend, she's got autochefs and cleaning droids. There are sex droids (tho most male writers come up with those) and nanny droids. And they just fit in... they aren't any more remarkable than our cars or cell phones are. (Yes yes, I know the Jetsons had a cleaning droid and an autochef. But even still, men writing about the future don't think about who vacuums the floor)

I started reading this series in the beginning, and then live and school got in the way of my reading. I have missed a few of the books so I have started collecting them again and will have to start all over in reading them from Book 1.

Read them all owned them all at one time but lost half in a flood. Totally want an auto chef and a car that can go vertical.

As much as I enjoy Eve and Roarke, I love the look into the future, which now isn't that far away. The stories are futuristic real. The characters are normal for that time period. I finish one and can't wait for the nex

It is amazing how the science has caught up. But you have to think we are in 2021 and doesn't the books start in like 2049. Not that far away.

What I wouldn't give to have an Auto-Chef in my life! A drying tube is right up there!

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6 days ago
The Philosophy of Eve Dallas. ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #strongwomen #evedallas
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The Philosophy of Eve Dallas. ~Laura
#fantasyindeath #strongwomen #evedallas

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Halfway through her newest book now. Love it...

it pretty much applies to many things in our Life, so i agree with her😉

A variation on Sherlock Holmes - "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." from "The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier"

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” - Sherlock Homes

Eve is like a bull dog she will keep eliminating things until she finds the answer or the person who did it. Just re-read this one.

Love the way Eve's mind works

Eve, channeling Sherlock Holmes.

Didn't Sherlock Holmes say something like this?

Angie Harmon would make an awesome Dallas

Yeah, the mantra Sherlock Holmes uses in his cases to solve them

Love Eve’s logic.

i like reading these, i get away for a while

So very true

Do you suppose that at sometime she must have read Sherlock Holmes?

Ever pragmatic Eve. 🤔

That's the philosophy of C. S. Lewis too 🙂

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle!!

That's the theory.

Retreading this now.

Veery true

So Sherlock Holmsian

Yes he did


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