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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive and a terrifying weapon…

In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…



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1 day ago

JD Robb

Can't blame Eve for the questions after a lecture from Sheila Feeney on her husband's health, then a grilling by Karla Tibble. Did anyone else hear "Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes?" Same tenor of dread, imo. 😉~Laura
#strangersindeath #copwives #smartwomen
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Cant blame Eve for the questions after a lecture from Sheila Feeney on her husbands health, then a grilling by Karla Tibble. Did anyone else hear Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes? Same tenor of dread, imo. 😉~Laura
#strangersindeath #copwives #smartwomen

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Ron Wesley: Spiders. Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies?" 😉

Laura, love the "snakes" reference! And oh yes, I can hear that same dread in Eve's voice. Thanks so much for these posts. I love them!

I have so much fun with these & the thoughts they bring up. Thank you!


yes snakes. shudder

I agree about the snakes and spiders

For me it was rodents...any and all rodents.

Laura, love the “snakes” reference too and Eve’s reaction.


Definitely snakes. I can step on a spider, but not on s snake, right? 😑😐😏

Just opening FB and seeing you makes me smile - thanks Laura ❤️👍

I did read it like that!! Poor Eve and the cop wives!

Eve is so funny, but it's true. I use to say the same thing about my coworkers wives. I was only professional female in a department with 19 men. Their wives felt it was my duty to watch put for them and I had to act in a higher standard, as I was a female. Tell that to a bunch of Wall Street Traders..."Your wife wants me to make sure you don't drink too much", yeah, I'd have no peace in the department!

Lol! I didn’t hear it any of the times I read it. But I can’t unhear it now. 😄 🐍

As much as Eve loves Roarke she will always feel to some extent that cops should not have a spouse then they wouldn't have to worry abut someone knocking on the door with bad news.

Never thought of snakes, but that might be because we don't have snakes in my country.

She doesn't deal well with girly girls or wives of co-workers.

Spiders, snakes and mice or rats!

Yep. Several good quotes. ❤️

Right, why not birds.

They love Eve too

Spiders are my downfall, but to her comment for the same reason she has a husband lol

It's almost the same horrified tone with dolls!

Ladies you would not want to come and live in Australia then they have the 10 deadliest animals Venom wise spiders snakes fish you name it

Eve should know cops' wives are tough and protective!

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Eve having wiles and using them correctly. 😁 A funny thought for this Thursday. ~Laura
#strangersindeath #roarke #plans
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Eve having wiles and using them correctly. 😁 A funny thought for this Thursday. ~Laura
#strangersindeath #roarke #plans

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No it's not his money, it's the coffee. 😂😂

Love her thinking 🤔❤️📚

Eve couldn't make a play if her life depended on it! lol

I love her developing sense of humor. 🙂

You just can't argue with Eve...she can always find a different perspective🤣

No, Eve... money didn’t have anything to do with it. It was the coffee and the love...

Lol. My husband & I had that conversation hundreds of times.. he was 6 steps ahead of me akl the way

I like how she challenges Roarke.

He has said often I love the way your mind works even if I do not always understand it. You remember when she told him that he was not spoiled but overindulged, or when she said she told people he was her studmuffin, or how she would win an argument by saying if I had a penis would you be taking this attitude. Off the top of my head so quotes might not be exactly

he definitely knows better

On one of the sites the subject was brought up of who is Eve's second in command. I think day to day it would be Jenkinson it seems like when she was gone on an investigation trip she said he was in charge. Peabody and Baxter don't get put in charge except for the current case they are working on her with. When she goes on vacation they send in another lieutenant

Money had nothing to do with it. It was the coffee and the sex. Try and deny it.

it was the coffee and the sex. i agree!


Love how Eve thinks and it definitely isn't the money.

I love her telling Roarke that she never signed the prenup!

It's the whole package. Roarke is in a class by himself!

And the sex, according to Eve

You've got to love these two. This is the best series I've ever listened to over & over & over. The narrator Susan Erickson is great & you always know who's talking.

I love Eve's logic.

Re-reading “Naked” and, as always, loving how hard she fought, how hard she fell 💜

Funny, don’t think money bothers Eve in the slightest. Now coffee that’s another matter.

Gotta be the coffee!!

Not the money at’s the access to the REAL coffee!

She does make me laugh

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3 days ago

JD Robb

Would the morning-after recap of Peabody's solo turn on Nadine's show been complete without snark? ~Laura
#strangersindeath #peabody #evedallas
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Would the morning-after recap of Peabodys solo turn on Nadines show been complete without snark? ~Laura
#strangersindeath #peabody #evedallas

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Love Eve’s comebacks!

Eve tells it like it is.

Eve is terrific

I love her response, it’s like an talent .


love her wit

I love their relationship! Boss and direct report/mentor and mentee/big sister and little sister but always damn good friends.

Love Eve's humor.

Eve & Peabody! Such a great boss/employee relationship. #goals

Love eva,s humor.

I love the rapport between Dallas and Peabody...

Eve is quick and witty.

Eve is my hero

I love how Eve is learning how to handle people in her life. Too gushy just isnt her but she sensitive for when someone needs gushy

I love the by-play between Eve and Peabody!!!

Love these two together. Peabody is not afraid to be snarky right back Eve.

Love them and how they interact. Great dialogue as always.

Eve and Peabody. Wouldn't be the same without Peabody. They slipped from Boss/employee to Big sis/little sis, but Peabody knows just how far to push, and still be professional. And Eve is learning how to fit caring for others into her life. I love how surprised she is at finding out thats she is good at relationships. LOL

I love so many things about this series, but especially all of the great characters and the snappy dialogue!

Love the snarky😂

That was to make that muscle above Eve's eye twitch,

Love their conversations. ❤️

love the way they talk to each other.

That last line,all Eve.

Friends, colleagues and partners. What a great relationship!

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4 days ago

JD Robb

The aftermath of Eve sharing Tiko's story with Roarke. I love that they can recognize (and give a hand to) kids who will find their ways out of bad circumstances through the strength of family. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

The aftermath of Eve sharing Tikos story with Roarke. I love that they can recognize (and give a hand to) kids who will find their ways out of bad circumstances through the strength of family. ~Laura

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Tiko was the kid selling scarves with the nice grandma, right?

I love Tiko! That kid is such an entrepreneur.

I ❤ Tiko.

Tikos grandma rocks!! My kind of lady.

I love that they created the school and the shelter. Fantastic ways to give back to the community

Tiko's grandma reminds me of mine, she'll stand no nonsense and make sure that young man satays on the straight and narrow. xx

Tiko is one who won't need the school or the shelter that Roarke have opened because of his grandmother. She gives him a great stability in life. And like he say stealing is being lazy and he works for what he gets. Eve and Roarke can understand that.

Tiko has wonderful support

True ❤️

I was pleased that Eve cared enough to check things out. AND she got that wonderful pie! I think it was the beginning of her soft heart starting to peek out.

Because of Eve and Roarke's own childhoods, they have a special empathy with children with unfavorable home situations. The school and shelter they created were wonderful examples of how they used their own bad experiences to make like better for others.

I am re-reading that one, just read that scene!

I have so many more to get in this series. I’m loving reading about Eve and Rourke.

Great story! Really enjoyed this one.

Loved this book so much I managed to buy it twice. 🥰

I love all of the JD Robb books-she makes the characters so real.. but I think I might have missed one or 2 , if not more of them-I m reading the Vendetta in Death book now and I don't remember reading about a character named Jake, who is with Nadine.. I don't remember reading anything about him before. I guess I need to re-read some of them but I have given some away so.... I love all of the characters tho...

I'm re- reading Strangers In Death now.

Yes, Eve saw and recognized Tiko. Roarke saw and recognized Kevin. Two strong children with something extra special, who would do ok on their own, and who will shine with the extra help.


Love Tiko and his grandmother

Love this kid..

Absolutely love Tiko!! One of my favorite "pop-up" characters! He has more sense than a lot of adults I know.

I love all Tiko interactions.

Tiko and Roarke really need to meet someday.

Wouldn't it be great to see him again? Maybe a young entrepreneurs program or just a hi on the street!

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