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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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4 days ago
JD Robb

A nice coda to the story.~Laura
#treacheryindeath #evedallas

PS. Before we start NY2D I'm taking a couple days off. So we'll start on Monday. Play nice while I'm gone. 😘
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A nice coda to the story.~Laura
#treacheryindeath  #evedallas 

PS. Before we start NY2D Im taking a couple days off. So well start on Monday. Play nice while Im gone. 😘

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Have a good weekend Laura thanks for all you do don’t worry about us I am contemplating starting off with Naked in Death again and reading all 51

I love that she is insulted by the hairpulling! Enjoy your time off!

I was actually a little disappointed that they threw hands instead of Dallas serving up Oberman's ass in the interview room. I always leave the most satisfied when the story is wrapped up with Dallas kicking interview ass. Strangers, Purity, Visions, Innocent, and especially Thankless and Apprentice have some of the most satisfying climactic interviews imo. I bet Treachery's would have made that list too.

I reread this the other day and I had the same laugh out loud moment as the first (couple) of times I read it with this comment. 😂❤️

Did y'all know that feeder calves will follow a complete stranger around, just hoping to be fed. I hadn't experienced this before and complained about the creep stalker cows. My boyfriend enjoyed quite a laugh. I still find them creepy.

Oh, man. NY2D - one of the toughest ones for me to read. I was hoping (the first time I read it) that MAYBE, just maybe Eve's mom wasn't the monster she remembered. I should have known better. I always want a break for Eve - but she just makes her OWN breaks.

I loved that! She was so sincerely ticked off that it came down to such a girly fight.

Eve couldn't believe that Renee wanted to fight and she was all right with it until she started pulling hair. Eve considers that demeaning, and calls it girlie. But they promised to take her down and they did, Peabody got to haul her down to booking and all Eve's division moved her to the core but standing and saluting her. What a difference in two groups of cops.

Hands Down one of my Favorite of the In Death

JD Robb It was your Key Trilogy that brought me into your stories. After reading them, I started reading your In Death series and I have not been able to put them down since. Thank you for great in depth stories. They make me feel that I am actually in the story with them.

Trying to get most in Cd's as I long haul! Makes the miles go by! Have most in paperback! NY2Dallas was great, but rough on Eve! Just reread that and Treachery, and Apprentice! JD Robb and JA Janice, both believe in STRONG WOMEN!

I just finished reading the series again for the sixth time. Love revisiting Eve's world.

Hand to hand combat and then Rene went for something so girly and desperate. Enjoy your weekend

I love Peabody stepped up in this book to take down crooked cops. Trained so well be Eve. When Eve started hand to hand with Renée it was great. Eve only has so much patience before she ended Renée.

I loved this book. And I just reread New York to Dallas and I didn’t remember it at all. Such a good read.

Enjoy your time Laura, you do so much to keep us entertained you absolutely deserve some time away from the madness that this can be. And Eve's right, hairpulling is such a girly move! 😊

All the posts made me want to go back and read this one...laughed out loud so much

Enjoy your long weekend hope you have a great time and I can’t wait for NY2D it’s great Eve grew so much in that book. Absolutely loved it when Roarke sent for Mira and Galahad lol

JD do you have your last autio books on the mp3 tapes? Like I said I have the whole series from 1 through 51 or 52.I listen to them on the mp3 where the whole books on 1 tape. I drive a semi trailer and I listen to them where I go and have listen to you for years

I bet it was she would rather use her fists

I love Nora for what she did in Golden in Death. At this Time in live the best answer ever. Beautiful book and i have all the 49 before

Just finished treachery today! It amuses me when Dallas stereotypes women- especially when she gets proven wrong- like Reo- pampered, but super tough as well:-) Everyone knows Dallas isn’t a girlie girl:-)


Enjoy your dayz off. But what gave you the idea that some of us even know how to behave? We're kind of Reineke's ties.

JD Robb I’ve been reading the in death series again from the beginning as there were some books I couldn’t get the first time round, halfway through Missing in death now and have just gone on kindle book store and fantasy and indulgence in death aren’t available to buy anymore 😩 they were the last two I need to complete the whole set. I’m gutted 😢 any ideas why they aren’t available? Thanks

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5 days ago
JD Robb

Laying it all out there in terms of what's next. We'll finished Treachery tomorrow.
Edited to add: Amazon started numbering the books as they enter the system. It's an inventory mechanism not anything more. ~Laura
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Laying it all out there in terms of whats next. Well finished Treachery tomorrow.
Edited to add: Amazon started numbering the books as they enter the system. Its an inventory mechanism not anything more.  ~Laura

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I absolutely LOVE this series. I started when I was 16, I’m 39 I’ve been reading this since 1997. When I started there were 4 books out. Looking back, it has been a really fun journey through these. I just find it funny that at age 16, I was sitting, waiting for the in death book to come out, and now at 39, I’m still sitting waiting for the next book to come out. Thank you Laura for everything you do to keep us informed, and thank you Nora, for writing these wonderful books. 💕

So looking forward to these future installments of J.D's stories! Can't wait to read supreme reading yet again. XO

I'm so grateful to Ms Roberts being such a fabulous writer. Two books a year in this series, plus, at least one other stand alone. What a mighty effort. Thank you ♥

I’ve been saying, I’d love for this series to be turned into a movie/Netflix series/something! I’d LOVE to see some of this on a screen!!!

My husband and I have been together for 18 years and married for 15 this coming September. I discovered this series shortly after we got together and our 1st Christmas together he got me the whole set. Then for Valentine’s Day and our anniversary every year after he gifts me with the newest books. And if there are short stories released he gives me those for just because I love you gifts. I adore this series and they have given me relief during some hard and heavy times we have had and are still going through. Thank you for your imagination and your willingness to work hard and give us these books.

I like many others who have posted love the index series. I reread them all the time. And I also have my favorites in the series of course 🙂 keep up I like many others who have posted love the index series. I reread them all the time. And I also have my favorites in the series of course 🙂 keep up the great work, love you bunches and thank you so much Laura for posting

Yay! This makes me so happy!! 😁 I do like that on my kindle library all books in a series are now grouped together and even listed in order.

I started re-reading the books in reverse order. I don’t know why but I notice more connections in the books now.

Sigh, so many books come out at the start of school. As a teacher I can say that this just isn’t very nice! 🥺 I don’t have time to read books till mid-October once school starts. 😢

Both are pre-ordered and now I can't wait to get them!

As for the numbering, I wish the books WERE numbered online. I’ve been building my collection on Audible and it would be nice to know, oh, I just finished #47, I need #48 next! Because I read/listen to them in order. 😉

I am doing a reread again. I know my mother and I will enjoy these new books and the conversation about the books immensely. My best wishes to you all from Finland. It is a very warm spring night and I am reading instead of sleeping again📖😉

This series is the only one I always pre-order in hardback every single time! I’ve also got 40 of the titles on Kindle and Audible.

Thank you Laura for keeping us informed and thank you Nora for continuing to write my absolute favorite books. I realized the other day that I have been reading these books for 26 years come July. I remember that I read Naked in Death over the course of one weekend (what can I say I had kids that kept pulling me away) and thought this is something really different, something really special. Most of the tech in Naked in Death was not fact at the time - it was a peek into a future that was just around the corner. How many authors can write a book series whose plots stay fresh and new and that keep readers fully engaged for 26 years? To me that alone is amazing but to build characters that grow and mature through their relationships takes it another level. So yeah - thanks again Nora for continuing to write these books.

It’s appreciated makes it easier to find the books

I have read every book in order. I am now waiting for the next one coming out in September. I love this series.

I cannot wait until September, then again until February. This series my absolute favorite.

Since I use a Kindle, I do love being able to identify the books sequentially.

I cant wait!!! I have every single book, including the novellas and currently rereading the series, I'm on Loyalty in Death!

I like reading the books in order as the character development is very well done.

Can't wait, love the series so much I reread it every year.

I always want the next book as soon as I finish the current one. I am grateful that we get 4 new books from Nora every year and 2 of them are In Death books! This will always be my favorite series! ❤📚

I love that you can go online and print up a list of the In Death books in the order they were written and it includes the novellas.

I'm so glad they got numbered! It makes it easier to keep track, especially when re-reading again LOL. 1 or 2 a year is just not enough 🤣 I had to find another author to read in between 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I was a military spouse in Germany when my neighbor gave me a box full of murder and mystery books with the first 6 books of the series. After I finished those I kept hunting down the others that was in 2001 . Now my daughter is starting the series .

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6 days ago
JD Robb

I'm pleased to share the title and US cover of the February 2022 In Death in the video below. (Don't worry, we still have Forgotten in Death this September!)
Some US pre-order links are now live, more to come. (For kindle, go to Amazon and choose your type of book.) International pre-order links will be up in a few more months. ~Laura

Apple Books:
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Most authors fizzle out after a few books in a long series. This series gets better with every book. I have reread them all so many times I've had to replace some of the older ones. I can't wait for Sept. 7th (yay, on my birthday!) & now Feb. 8!

I know Nora Roberts isn't gonna write this series forever, but I'm so grateful for what we get now. Don't get me wrong, I don't just love the in Death series, I love all of Nora's novels.

Yay! Hope we'll continue to see good character development of the "side" characters. All together they are so fabulous!!!

I can't wait! Love this series and have most of them. My book motto is "You can't have too many books, only too few shelves!" I turned my daughter's bedroom into a personal library. It's my favorite room in the house! 🤣

My friends and I always talk about series we like. Couple of us were enthusing about the In Death series. Another friend got it from the library. Now she's hooked. I told her "only 50-something books to go!". She's looking forward to it.

Thank you - pre-ordered immediately! I have them all and have plans to reread from the beginning. Yes, they are THAT good! Thank you, Nora for this fabulous series! 🙂

Love this series! It's the only one I have ordered & picked up/shipped on release day for every book!

I have followed this series since the beginning and loved every minute.

I’ve already preordered “Faithless In Death” and I’ll be preordering this one, too. Love these books. I have them all on cd.

With the help of my local library I began this fabulous series at the beginning of 2020, just before the pandemic. I am all caught up and about to begin Faithless in Death! This is such a great series!! I wish Netflix or Amazon would make them into a show!!

Your twice-yearly output sometimes is what keeps me going during hard times. Thank heaven for Eve Dallas!

I had read many of the in death books years ago and last fall I started from the first one purchasing them in groups of 10. I am on my 4th group of ten and am enjoying them all again! Love this series and am happy to know there are more coming! I really love anything she writes.

Not that I want to rush the passage of time but, I need it to be next year now. 🤣

I really, really like this series. The story from the very first book just gets better with every book. I get so excited to get every new book.

I love this series so much I have it in hardcover, paperback, kindle & audio- im obsessed & hope she never stops writing this series🥰🥰🥰

I read all of your books I don't get at Amazon I only get them from barnes and noble I hope I still can get them there

I absolutely love these books. Only problem is I read it all at once and then have to wait for another. I too have read them many times over.

I am reading all the books in this series I love it I have most of them but am still looking for some I love them

I dearly love this series. Have many to catch up on. Breast cancer and some after effects of chemo and radiation left me not caring to read for a couple of years. Back on track now and hoping to catch up soon. I just finished Alaska by Nora Roberts. Fabulous book!

i love all your books NORA, i look forward to your new ones coming out, i might need to buy another big bookcase to house them all in, i thank you for your amazing ability & imagination to write so well, xxxx

I love this series and I do the audio books and Susan Ericksen just bring it to life.she is awesome! Can't wait

❤ When I was trying to catch up on the In Death series, two new books a year seemed like a lot.... But now, so anticipate each book... Of course, it gives me time to reread. I'm getting ready to reread Salvation in Death.❤❤

J D Robb is one of my favorite series! Kudos to Nora Robert’s for being such a phenomenal writer. I think I have read everything she has ever published and will always continue to do so!

Omg ur killing me with the In Death series..I'm tryin to catch up n ur just bombing us with absolutely LOVE this series n as soon as I can I'm goin to the second hand book store to work on my series collection..Thank u so much

Love the books. I only wish i can get the first set in the series as hardcover books to complete my collection

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7 days ago
JD Robb

Another favorite scene from Treachery, judging by the chatter in the comments the last few weeks. ~Laura
#treacheryindeath #cops #HomicideDivision
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Another favorite scene from Treachery, judging by the chatter in the comments the last few weeks. ~Laura
#treacheryindeath #Cops #homicidedivision

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Validating her faith, judgement, and dedication to the job and her men.

Showing her good judgement in trusting her family, which they were. Loved this story.

That was such an enexpected honor for her. It is one thing to know that every man and woman working for you respects you and your role, it's another to know that they all do, enmass.

That part chokes me up, every time. To get respect, you have to give respect, and she respects every one in her division. This book is one of my favorites just because of this.

Eve always knew her squad respected her position, but this showed her they respect HER and that meant the world to her. Loved this scene.

That was great. Shows what a leader she is & the respect & loyalty her squad gives her.

Brings tears to my eyes, and I imagine to hers too. Much respect to a strong leader. I remember that fight and Eve's utter disdain for Renee's hair pulling: "Really, pulling hair? Pussy!"

I don't think Eve knew how much her squad respected her until this scene. Brought a tear to my eye.

This scene brought tears to my eyes. Eve so deserved it

That was nice it told us how they respect her with out making Eve uncomfortable

it takes a lot to flabbergast Eve, but that kind of show gives her all the valitation she will ever need to do her Job and count on her Men.

Eve always seems surprised by the dedication, loyalty and respect that her officers have for her and the badge. At the same time she wouldn't expect less from her team.

Is Treachery In Death the only In Death that Nadine wasn’t in? Eve mentioned her to The Commander but she wasn’t physically in any of the scenes. Just curious!

This scene just proves how awesome Dallas really is. And the integrity of her cops. ❤️

Laura can you help with the title of an In Death book that takes place in the Statue of Liberty 🗽? It’s mentioned in ‘Missing in Death’ (which I can’t believe I missed until now) thank you!

I read some of these and it makes me go read the book, I really need to sit and read them all in order again. I haven’t done that in a couple of years. I tend to read them randomly, grabbing the one that a remembered scene prompts me to go reread.

It's too bad more bosses - in the real world - have the respect of their subordinates like Dallas has from her squad.

Loved this part. Brought tears to my eyes.

I was so caught up in all the quotes you’ve posted from Treachery that I re-read it this weekend. I love when Eve gets all veclempt with emotion.

I think this is my favorite book. As much for the strong feelings of Eve but for Peabody.

One of my favorite moments in all the In Death series!

Treachery is one of my favorites. And this is one of the reasons why!

One of the best fight scenes in the book...until Oberman pulled Eve's hair that is. 😂

Love this scene it shows so much respect for Dallas

They are so proud of Their Lieutenant, especially when compared to Oberman.

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