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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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Sparkle + Eve? Does not add up.
 #calculatedindeath #evedallas #couldcarelessaboutfashion #smartgirls

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Love the “after arrest” pic Roarke and Eve gave each other for Christmas in a later book. ❤️

I wonder if someone hit the jackpot finding diamonds after one of her diamond decorated outfit s went through a hand to hand fight. I suppose the cleaners picked the diamonds out of the grass.

That's so funny. Eve never basks in her sparkles as she's always on the alert 📢✨. Seriously I think she looks beautiful all dressed 👗up glamor, sparkles and all but on guard for any situation that may arise.

I dunno... Roarke seems to make Eve "bask in the sparkle" on many occasions 😜

Roarke does like to dress Eve up in diamonds, but she is never off duty or off her guard x

The only time Eve sparkles is when Trina sneaks in a temporary tattoo with sparkles.

Absolutely true 🙌

Very true!

Eve's adversaries always underestimate her and her abilities. She makes the arrest no matter the heels or dress

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When the options to catch a "ferret-faced electronic asshole" (apologies to ferrets) swing to low tech, classic and basic. ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #peabody #smartgirls #mcnab
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When the options to catch a ferret-faced electronic asshole (apologies to ferrets) swing to low tech, classic and basic. ~Laura
 #calculatedindeath #peabody #smartgirls #mcnab

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Is this the one where Peabody plumps up her girls and Baxter shoves her out of the car in front of the hacker's home? I don't remember which book that scene is from, but Peabody's improvisation is great!

Peabody is always the one Eve tells to plump them up as she always tells her you got the tits and men go for them. These two are always hilariously.

I love when Eve gets on her tirades about the men and tits

Love it when Peabody is as Annika would say sarcastical

This was absolutely HILARIOUS....I totally cracked up....but Eve was dead on right..🤣🤣🤣🤣

Peabody does an amazing job in going "almost" undercover.

Love the humor in her books❤

I also love all the Star Trek references when they go after the hacker in his Enterprise lair 😆🖖

This was so funny as Peabody pushes up her breasts pretending 🤣😂😆to have been dumped by Baxter to get to the hacker. Great undercover work or maybe not so much undercover as out there.😆🤣😂

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. This book had so many funny moments along with solving the murder. I think that’s what adds so much to the story.

Watched a show called Almost Human on Tubi. Takes place at the same time, more or less, as the Dallas books!

Just finished that book. For some reason I had never read it, although I've read all the other ID books at least 3 times! No idea how I skipped that one🙄🤔

What is the newest book? Just finished Forgotten in Death, love it by the way!!!

This would be such a great TV series.

I'm an avid fan and this just made me realize my boyfriend is McNab and I am Shebody

For those that commented about a T.V. series.....don't even go there!!! It would spoil everything. The books are all we need

Which book is it that Peabody gets jumped outside her apartment? I cannot remember and its driving me crazy.

Love this exchange since for this group it is true

Have you ever been approached about a TV series??????

I want to be She-Body when I grow up, she's the perfect partner for Eve!

Peabody's sarcasm is lethal!

I’m rereading all the books right now. I have new books from other authors waiting for me on my kindle but I can’t interrupt the series when I’m so close to the end. I’m on book 46. 😬

Good one!

Dolly Darling! 😂😂😂

I love Norah's JD Robb stories. Such full plumped up characters.

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I'm going to agree with Peabody here. Why not look frosty doing the job when you have that chance? ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #peabody #evedallas #strongwomen
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Im going to agree with Peabody here. Why not look frosty doing the job when you have that chance? ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #peabody #evedallas #strongwomen

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I always find irony in the claims that Dallas "doesn't care about how she looks" because OMG she does. Her vanity is just skewed different from everyone else's.

Just love 💘Peabody. She's got her priorities right. Looking good all the time. ❤

It's for reasons like this that Peabody is my absolute favorite. 💜 She cares every bit as much as Dallas about the victims and about justice and wanting to look her best does nothing to diminish that.

Such an awesome series and Susan Erickson is Eve Dallas❤️

Peabody is right looking fabulous for the job is a good thing

Peabody may be a top class cop, but under it all is a woman who enjoys some finer things in life. Especially if they are outside her normal affordability. Good on her, so do I.

I'm with Eve about the Shoes, how often has she been forced to chase after a bad guy bare foot or work a crime scene in stupid shoes? She should start carrying emergency flats in her bags.

Peabody always getting her priorities straight. Catch the bad guys while looking good. <3

Got to love Peabody x

Peabody is FABULOUS - so real and so wholesome! x

Nothing wrong with this logic. I love Peabody.

Just finished listening to entire series on Audible. Took 5 months. I miss them already! 😪

Not a Peabody fan, but looking good is always a good thing

Just started Forgotten in Death. Had to wait for my library to finally get it.

I just got to this quote yesterday! What a coincidence.

Always show your best side!

Peabody’s right.

These are the best books going!! Love them all!!

Peabody is just amazing.

Love Peabody

"Most totally excellent". Okay, who let Peabody watch the Bill and Ted movies?

Hot dressy flats need to be a thing

Started rereading it catching up with the quotes 😉

I really would appreciate. J D ROBB writing more than one book 📖 a year!

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A little needling, Nadine style. ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #evedallas #nadinefurst #smartgirls
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A little needling, Nadine style. ~Laura
 #calculatedindeath #evedallas #nadinefurst #smartgirls

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Yes, trauma to her butt, but Eve's chest took a beating too. Great baby catch.

The famous baby catch. Yes Eve suffered trauma to her butt. 😆🤣😂It was such a great catch. She's a hero with a lot of bruises. ❤

Nadine knows how to irk Eve, but it was a great catch and as much as Eve didn't like it she became a hero.

Love when Nadine gets her snark on with Eve.

I love how uncomfortable Eve gets with the publicity from this amazing save!

I always picture Nadine as June Diane Raphael, who plays one of Jane Fonda’s daughters in Frankie & Grace.

I love Nadine's smart mouth. Her comebacks are almost as good as Eve's

I love the bouncing back scene I listen to it again and again on the audiobook love it and always go to it when I’m feeling down or off Which is at the moment sigh

OK I'm just going to have to listen to this again for the umpteenth time 😅

I’m going to listen to this again

Great book as they all are

Only Nadine could get away with that comment

Hey, Laura, I'm looking for a printable list for all the In Death books. The one on the official website seems to be out of date, unless I'm looking in the wrong place, lol. Could you please post a link? Appreciate it!

That was funny.

Butt, head, hmmmm. Same difference? LOL!!!

Just finished #4. Can only buy one a week or so (disability don't pay diddly) so I'm going slow. I've previously read 20 or so but I'm rereading as I get them. For extra fun I'm alternating them with Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum series.

interesting how head trauma wasn't so much drama queen hmm

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