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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive and a terrifying weapon…

In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…



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13 hours ago

JD Robb

...all depends on your perspective. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

...all depends on your perspective.  ~Laura

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Oh Roarke.

Only, Roarke....

Eve is so not used to anyone worrying/caring about her. But she appreciates it deep down although she rarely shows it (especially when Summerset has her car warmed up and ready for her on those cold mornings)

I love how Eve has so many sarcastic answers on the tip of her tongue!

It's nice to see how Eve changes over the course of the series at first she didn't accept any help to the lastest where she is able to ask for assistance if she needs it

Eve. Not to worry in her world. Lol 😂

Not really comparable, to my mind...but Eve's a force unto herself!

When you look at it that way...😂

I love her comments

Lol, but let Bella try to crawl up her leg and she freezes! I love her confidence.

Eve makes me laugh.

Roarke will protect Eve any way he can. She knows how to look after herself but a little extra help is always appreciated <3 x

Love these books

Roarke will always worry about Eve, even when she always thinks she can handle anything. But Roarke will always find a way to protect her in his own way.

Eve is very quick and sometimes funny with her comebacks

at last the libraries are open again and I've borrowed ceremony in death, the first book that caught my eye when I took James Patterson back today.

I love when she expresses her POV lol.

She is so ....... practical.

Love this series

Sometimes Eve is over confident.

Eve's perspective is awesome

She has a point!

Yeah we have been in the car when she is driving on winter streets. Poor Peabody she just holds on. They always seem to get to destination.

Driving is the one thing that doesn't seem to phase Eve. She just rolls!

Eve doesn’t mind driving no matter the weather.

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Oh the pitfalls of a life of crime (according to Eve). Roarke let Eve roll with her thoughts about Zana after she said this, but under different circumstances I'd bet he'd have some salient counterpoints (at least as it pertained to himself). ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Oh the pitfalls of a life of crime (according to Eve).  Roarke let Eve roll with her thoughts about Zana after she said this, but under different circumstances Id bet hed have some salient counterpoints (at least as it pertained to himself). ~Laura

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Sometimes I wish for a villan that just kills the hero instead of squandering the opportunity by compulsively talking about it. 😆😆😆

i agree Laura. Roarke can come up with thse salient points, and enjoy doing it.

CJ Baking bruuuuuuuuuu

I think part of the killers mind compels then to get that credit

Love this autgor!!!

Now it seems to me that half the times Roarke has been seen to offer someone a drink, it's in a congratulatory manner over some clever bit of criminality. Maybe my memory exaggerates it some.

I think that Eve forgets on occasion, that she is married to a former career criminal...

Finished this again last night. Good read.

Most of the criminals have a need to tell someone what they did.

Gotta love Roarke

Eve Dallas is the best leading character ever! Her emotions, complexities of her character and personality are so real. Going through her pain, her joys and just her coming into herself and learning she deserves some happiness has been, and continues to be, a wonderful journey.

EVE GOES OFF then ROARKE just looks at her and Smiles. 😊

Eve is awesome in her assessment of people. One of my favorite things about her!

Just re reading this now for the fourth time. Still love it. And yes people with nefarious intentions always think they are so smart. NOT.

I'm now just rereading this book

I imagine he probably mentioned it. It just didnt happen on page. He saved the comment for when it would be more advantageous Timing is everything as he well knows. 😎

Love the way Eve's mind works and her way of expressing her thoughts. I love the glimpses into her mind.

There was a question on Twitter yesterday asking if you were kidnapped what fictional character would you want on the search for you. I answered Eve!

Love how they do that

Can anyone tell me which "In Death " book does Dr Mira get kidnapped?

Roarke and his thought process is one of the reasons he fits Eve so well

One of my favorite death series books

I am rereading the whole series.

All these quotes forced me to go back and reread this book. Soooo good.

I love the entire series. When I get into other books I always come back and re-read some of the In Death Books while I wait for the new one.

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2 days ago

JD Robb

Such a simple, yet complicated, request. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Such a simple, yet complicated, request.  ~Laura

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Is that when Roarke asks if Eve has a photo of herself when she was younger. ❤️

and what a great piece of herself she gave him!

Roarke always believed that he and Eve were descend to be together. The meeting of two lost souls but he wanted her to give him something of hers from before they met. Love how they always mange to deal with the past and the present.

Eve has very little of her past with her but she had just what Roarke wanted. <3 x

Roarke loved the picture of her at the beginning of her career.

Roarke shows Eve everyday she is loved and always will be

I like how Eve struggles with gift giving and the need for it, but always comes up with just the right thing.

Rourke! Ahhh! Don’t you love him!

He always says the best thing

Just finished this book, rereading full series. Does everyone else just love the back stories of the characters more than the crime part 😂

It’s always a struggle for Eve to give a gift but it’s because she doesn’t give frivolous gifts she gives exactly what the person would want or need and they always know it came from her heart.

Loved how she gave him that. Eve with her long hair at the academy would have been a great photo

I felt the same way after my husband and I found one another.

So sweet.

He all ways know what to say to her Love how they are to each other ❤

Roarke always knows what to say to Eve what a connection they have with each other


I like to think that they were destined to meet. Two lost people needing ‘something permanent,’ or was written to be.

The gift of the picture was a beautiful moment for them

I told my husband he was lucky I didn't get any wishes as he would be an Irish man named Roarke😊 the dialogue between them seems so real. The only way you know Nora's writing is fiction is the fact she writes a non perfect, perfect person.

She didn't have much of herself to give, from before; I was glad she had that photo.


When he asked her for a picture. 🙂

The scene when she gives him that picture 🥰 it made shed a tear

I love the In Death books.

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3 days ago

JD Robb

Eve, always on the side of the victim, even as she sees herself as the perpetrator. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Eve, always on the side of the victim, even as she sees herself as the perpetrator.  ~Laura

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Looking back creates WHAT IFs that rarely helps ....

Always she blamed herself. Thank God the friends she doesn't realize she deserves bitch slap her back to the realization that she did what she could at the time.

I just finished this book. She had a lot of regrets in this book.

It is interesting that she (as we all do) torments herself about an action she didn’t take to help someone else, perhaps projecting how they maybe feel about her because of it. In reality, he probably doesn’t even think about the incident that brought him trouble years ago and maybe has a nice memory of being able to have brought that moment of joy to her. He certainly wouldn’t have put any of the blame on Eve.

She will learn to not blame herself near as often or as hard

She always takes so much blame on herself! I ache for her sometimes. <3

I’d have liked to see her looking for the boy, and finding him doing well

Hindsight is always 20/20 and sadly no one knows that better than Dallas.

My favorite writer as are the people in her books

wish the whole In Death books were made int a TV series

Maybe he'll cross paths with her again someday, even though she asked Roarke not to look for him.

Eve needs to stop blaming herself for everything that can and did go wrong in her childhood she needs to realize that she was a child herself

I like how Nora gives us little positive moments in Eve’s childhood It gives us an insights in how she takes responsibility whether it is justified or not

So poignant, I used to think R would look him up but it's important for some moments to stay loose like real life.

I always feel for her when she she feels so much for others.

Eve feels so much for others and she wondered where he might be. A young man who gave her a great moment in her young and terrible life.

I’m totally hooked on your books enjoy reading every book you have in print thanks Nora .

I am in the process of reading several of the books in the series that I have missed and am constantly reminded of how well crafted the writing is. The characters are so viable and the main relationships are constant. There is enough humor to keep the episodes from being too dark and negative. Keep Eve and company going. Thanks for the great stories.

Poor Eve she has so many bad memories of her life.

Ik I Just Read This One and I Can't Think of Who U R Talking About? This is The One About The Evil Foster Mom Who Gets Murdered..Just Got A Few More Of This Series From The Library and I'm Reading A Different Book Before I Dig Into The In Death Series....Love Them All!😍

Regrets plague all our lives.

Rereading now. Saw that quote yesterday. Good story.

I want to find out what happened to him in his life. I want Roarke to find him and see what he is up to.

Karen E Mason I would like to find out what happened to that boy too.

Poor Eve. She will never forget that ride on a skateboard. I bet Roarke found him (hopefully) and it might come up in another moment in the story

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