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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive and a terrifying weapon…

In the new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…



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5 hours ago

JD Robb

There are people Eve pushes to the brink, but she recognized Fr. Lopez was already there. ~Laura
#salvationindeath #honor #vows
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There are people Eve pushes to the brink, but she recognized Fr. Lopez was already there. ~Laura
#salvationindeath #honor #vows

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Her relationship with Father Lopez was beautifully written. She understood and respected his faith without having to share it. I've seen so many authors get on their soapboxes on one side or the other on such an issue. Eve got on with being Eve.

They both have codes that the live by and Eve realised from her own experience, what it would do to him if she made him break his. She made the right call xx

Eve would never destroy someone who she know didn't commit a crime. She know what it feels like to be stripped of what you are. She will work around it and find the murder and leave Fr. Lopez with his dignity even if he has some of his believes shaken.

I love Eve & her innate understanding of people... Usually bad people lol, but a lot of good ones showing up in her life now.

I love Salvation in Death and how all the different values and beliefs play out ❤️

That’s our Eve , she does have a heart. She will get her man/ woman but knows what it’s like to be stripped of power. ,

Eve is a very strong Empath. I enjoy that we get a glimpse into more in Ceremony.

Chale is part of her family too 👍

I wouldn't be surprised if Father Lopez showed up in future books here and there. I think he will be a touchstone for Eve in the future!

This scene makes me appreciate how much Eve really does understand most people and their motivations. Not just criminals or cops.

Would like to know if you can get all your death books in hardbound. I have some but would like to get the whole collection.

Eve and Fr. Lopez have a special friendship.

So you mean "The Hotty Ripped" Fr. Lopez?

I need to go shopping in my storage unit to get my IN DEATH books and read them all again. (for the umpteenth time). Moved across the country and don't have the space I had for all of my books so I grab a box at a time...

Fr. Chale is a great character! Occasional revisits are to be hoped for. 🙂

I love these books!

I love Eve and how she refuses to make someone else a victim

Eve knows who to push and who not to push.

I love this series.

Eve has a good instincts when it comes to people I think thats why she solves lots of cases

Eve is never heartless, she may be tough but she has a heart of gold for people

I love the empathy that Nora has infused into Eve's character. It's much more than just base sympathy.

Whatever else you might say about her, Eve is a good person.

Eve has a line she won't cross.

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11 hours ago

JD Robb

We've had a recent uptick in the eternal "Who's Laura?" question. Welcome all our newcomers who've asked! I'm Nora's personal publicist of 15 years -- she writes the books, I handle the social media and all are happy with that division of labor.
Longtime friends of the page have answered the question very sweetly, usually with In Death descriptors (Peabody, Mira's admin, Caro) but actually Nora put the essential me in an In Death -- since I usually say I'm her border collie. Do you know which book? ~Laura
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Weve had a recent uptick in the eternal Whos Laura? question.  Welcome all our newcomers whove asked! Im Noras personal publicist of 15 years -- she writes the books, I handle the social media and all are happy with that division of labor. 
Longtime friends of the page have answered the question very sweetly, usually with In Death descriptors (Peabody, Miras admin, Caro) but actually Nora put the essential me in an In Death -- since I usually say Im her border collie. Do you know which book? ~Laura

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Thank you for all your posts and I really wish they would start making those In Death books into movies. I have a quite a few of them in hard bound copy but have read most of them over the years and have listened to as many of them as I could get from the local library. My goal is to have every one of her books both as J.D. and Nora.

Great job. Nora and JD are on of my favorite authors. I've been reading her books for years. Have read all the Death series and the trilogies are such a great read.

You both are incredible. My brother got me hooked on them probably 12 years ago and we used to trade and pass them back and forth. Since he passed away I’ve missed talking to someone about the books. This is my connection with him. ❤️

I haven’t read all the In Death books, but I am working my way through order, but damn Covid has made it harder to get them from the Library.. I hope to own all the books so I can read them over and over..Love Dallas, Rourke and the gang...

We all we are sure Nora is, grateful to have Laura, in whatever form we imagine her in the books...and in reality!

I love all of her books and to have a wonderful friend like you handling her promotions and thank you for your dedication to her and the fans. Love the In Death series, bought my first book Naked in Death and buy each book as soon as it comes out in paperback. Also love Noras other books, they keep us all so interested. Thank you so much...💕

I love all the books and reread them so many times I've lost count. The border collie comment is great and makes me wonder if that's why my grandmother had one. With 13 children giving her a bunch of grandchildren she needed Shep to keep us all in line.

So, Laura, since you are the herder of cats and handler of social media... May we assume you are also the perpetrator of the Eve & Roarke Christmas cards that went out to fans a few years ago? Brilliant, BTW!


Bless you both for the books and the social contact. From Scotland I love it all and am awaiting the time when we can visit NY safely from and on behalf of both nations. Next year will be a big shake up for us all I think. All of you stay safe and loved in this great group. Thanks for your work.

All the books are amazing! I stumbled on them and never looked back they are the best ever in my opinion! So, it’s nice to put a face with the pen so to speak and thank you for years of wonderful diversions! You 2 rock!

Can I just thank you for the 51 “ in death” books? I loved them all, appreciate the flushing out of minor character, and feel as if I met them they’d be “ family”♥️

Was it “Echoes in Death”? You do an awesome job, Laura! Thanks for your help and support of our wonderful Nora! Hugs to you both!

You make a great team. I'm re-reading the series and will look for you when I get to Echoes in Death. Right now I'm book #3. Keep up the good work and stay safe during the Holidays.

I just finished re-reading Echoes because I love the ending where Eve helps empower the victim with facing truth.

Everybody needs a Peabody, a Mavis and a Dr. Mira and even a Summerset in their life.

I love Echoes in Death! Thanks for the picture. Y'all are both the best!

You are definitely Peabody because of your hair and face. Nora is an amazing writer and her descriptions make you see what she is writing and since I have read every one of her books that's who I think you are. You could actually be Caro in your work ethic though lol

For me, I cherish the In Death series and both you and Nora are rockstars in my mind. I’m a anxiety ridden, sometimes depressive empathetic person and I use Eve and Roarke as my anti- anxiety, anti-depression medication. (In addition to actual meds🤦🏾‍♀️) I love how you are her champion when it comes to some of the more aggressively opinionated fans( that’s about the nicest thing that I can call them🙄)

Will there be a reprint on her earlier books in " Hardcover". I'm missing "vengeance, holiday, loyalty, witness, judgement, betrayal and seduction in death" to complete my series.

Nora is very fortunate to have a friend like you to help her with the overwhelming task of dealing with social media and promotions. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to both Nora and her fans.

Awe I love that ❤️. I will definitely pass that info on to my grandma (assuming that it is Echoes in Death as someone else has said and as your chosen picture seems to hint at 😉) I think it will make her heart smile as it did mine. Thank you for sharing that Laura ❤️

It’s nice to see your bright young face, Laura 😍

LOL. In Death books are my go to. Have most of the books and everyone of the audiobooks. I reread them every year. I always pre-order and can't wait until they arrive. I love that you keep us informed. Keep up the great job.

Laura is amazing! She takes the pics at the signings, is an absolute pro at the social media side of NR/JD, and gets us answers to the real questions, like how many shots NR can handle!

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1 day ago

JD Robb

Peabody does have a point on how she got addicted to real coffee. Classic "first one's free" scenario. Now how many of you have given Naked in Death as a gift knowing the kind of addiction would follow? ~Laura
#salvationindeath #realcoffee #evilplan
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Peabody does have a point on how she got addicted to real coffee. Classic first ones free scenario. Now how many of you have given Naked in Death as a gift knowing the kind of addiction would follow? ~Laura
#salvationindeath #realcoffee #evilplan

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My husband was my supplier of the first In Death book. We were on a road trip and he listens to audio books and it was one of the earlier In Death...I was so hooked I went out and bought them all as soon as we got home. I've fallen behind as no road trips during COVID, but have asked Santa to bring me Golden In Death, Shadows in Death, the Key Trilogy and The Awakening...then I can ring in the new year with a GREAT read & a glass of wine 😉

I've recommended it a lot.....but never "given" it. I stopped collecting paper books after my late husband and I moved and I realized I had no room for the box after box after box of books in the small apartment we downsized into. I've been slowly collecting the whole series in e-book.

I bought it twice for myself LOL. The first time I put it on a pile of books and it was out of sight. Few months down the road I was in the book store and picked it up again thinking this sounds interesting. The rest is history. Love this series.

I love the way Eve loves her real coffee and how she let Peabody in on how good it was. When she first had real coffee on the shuttle with Roarke I believe that was a good thing and now she drinks only the good stuff.

It is also reminiscent of Roarke telling Eve that if she ever cheated on him/tried to leave him he would buy up every coffee plant in the known universe and destroy them. I believe he added, in front of her.

I was the Peabody in someone else's evil plan. I was given Naked in Death as a gift with a bit of a snicker from my friend. When I asked about it, they just said "You'll see". Yep, I see alright. I have recommended the series to several people, with the caveat that they MUST start at the beginning. Does that count as an evil plan?

Years ago when I was on an airplane traveling to see my parents in another state I had brought one of the" in-death" books with me to finish. I had not even had the book two days. I finished the book on the airplane and the woman that was sitting next to me didn't even bring a magazine to read and I could tell she was bored. I asked her if she like to read books and she said yes so I gave her this brand new book that I had just got but had finished reading. She sat in that plane and devoured that book and when the plane landed she wanted to pay me for the book. I just gave it to her and I know she became a fan of yours after that. (I replaced the book as soon as I got back home)

Before I retired there was a group of women who shared their books regularly. We originally had a space under the reception counter where we'd stack our books. It didn't take long for In Death to be eagerly anticipated. People rotated in and out of the group with new hires and retirement. I kinda miss the discussion we had.

I recommend to everyone. Strangers at Goodwill. I have the whole collection. Just finished Golden in Death. My daughter and I play at casting the should be made movies. Dr. Charlotte and Dennis Mira. Susan Sarandon and Paul Giamatti. Summerset Bill Nigh

I think I own each one already published and have a hard time waiting for the next one! I love these books!

I have offered this series to people. Told them which was first and it's best to read in order. But I so it so they get addicted and I have someone new to discuss the books with.

Love this series I own all your books Eve and Peabody rock

Do they sell the audio books in bundles like they do the ebooks? I haven’t bought the audio and would like too...I could “reread” them while I’m quilting.

I pre-order my mom a new Hardcover each time they become available and order myself a digital copy. It is my thank you gift to her for introducing me to Nora Roberts and then the In Death Series.

I read Naked in Death years ago and gifted it to my mother & aunt. They in turn have gifted it to several friends over the years. This series still remains my favorite of Nora's.

My cousin loaned Naked in Death to one of my sisters. I visited and the book was sitting on the end table and I got bored. I picked it up and read it in 3 hours. Then I had to call my cousin to see if she had more. 🤣 That Christmas we all gifted each other the books we didn't have.

I love The Death Series. I have started reading them again.. because as I get older I have forgotten..

Met the lovely Nora 2 years ago and gave Naked in Death to my Aunt for Christmas! I bought so many books that day, my bag ripped... talk about embarrassing!

I was on a plane coming from New Zealand. Setting next to me was a basketball player. He was reading one of your death books. I ask him how he liked it, he said he takes one of your books with him every time he travels. That was cool 😎

I'm addicted to Dallas and Peabody! I have everyone of the JD Robb books!

Omg! Absolutely true! Read the 1st book and was hooked! When i couldn't get the books where I was living, I started on the Audiobooks. Sooo fantastic. Great books and a great reader, Susan Ericksen.

I left a copy of Naked in Death with an ER nurse at one point. I had grabbed it on the way out the door to the ER for an asthma flare so I would have something to read to kill time. The nurse was intrigued by it and I knew I had two copies. So I left it at the nurse’s station for her on my way out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of these books. Just give me two days and several cups of that “real bean” stuff and I’m in heaven!

I needed a quick vacation read so I purchased one of those books that had several short stories in it. One was a J D Robb. It's sad to get so hooked from such a short read but I was and am.

I have her whole series except for a couple I can’t find but I love everyone of them. I have also read all her books (Nora ) and they are just as fabulous

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4 days ago

JD Robb

When Eve and Summerset protect their common ground - Roarke. ~Laura
#salvationindeath #frenemies #family
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When Eve and Summerset protect their common ground - Roarke. ~Laura
#salvationindeath #frenemies #family

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I love that antagonism between Eve and Summerset, the sniping and insulting is a great way to break up tension. I love too, when they come together in respect if not caring. Roarke as their number 1 commonality, but the cases involving children are a very close second. And of course we can't leave Mavis out of the equation of something/someone they both love.

I love the way Summersett and Eve spart back and forth in a loving way.. He loves her but does respect her. I love the In Death books very much.

I was so happy to find out he had family!!!!

Eve always in her own way know what Roarke needs. She know that now that he has family he could use talking to his aunt and Summerset can get it done.

“She would be a sparkling accent on his arm. She speaks flawless French and Italian, and has a limitless supply of charm when she wishes to dispense it. And'd she'll use him. She'll take, take more. If it was necessary, or if she simply had the whim, she'd toss him to the wolves to see who'd win." He finished the whiskey. "You, Lieutenant, are often crude, you are certainly rude, and have very little sense of how to be the wife--in public--of a man in Roarke's position. And you would do anything, no matter what the personal risk, to keep him from harm. She will never love him. You will never do anything but.” ― J.D. Robb, Innocent in Death


It's so funny to me. They're so antagonistic to each other, but when it comes to Roark there is such solid ground they both stand on.

One of my favorite scenes was when Sumerset broke his leg before his vacation. When he came home and Eve took time out of her day acme they were in his quarters and she toke everyone to get out, then she and Summerset had a talk. He wanted the cat as d she made sure he got the cat.

I love this! Two hard asses, who have a mutual respect, care for a man so unconditionally it brings tears to my eyes every time.

I love how the two of them take care of Roarke. Summerset and Eve when he messed up his leg. How she told that Nurse He can have the cat in his room.

I love the dynamic between Eve and Sommerset it’s a grudging respect that is don’t tell them growing into some weird sort of love. LOL

Love your books. Have all the In Death series. Love Roarke, Eve, Summerset and the rest of the gang in the series.

I love the relationship between Eve and Summerset and how it has developed over the series. His immediate distrust of her and her not knowing what to make of him initially to their barbs at each other to the development of mutual respect (not that they would admit to it). Their interactions at the front door never disappoint.

They both love and protect Roarke

I love the sniping between Eve and Summerset. But they both know that Roarke is loved by both of them.

Best. Series. Ever. I have been with Eve and Rourke from the beginning. And after almost 50 books, I'm ready for 50 more. I haven't stuck with a single series as long I have with this one. Thank You JD Robb Nora Roberts

These two definitely have come to respect and admire the other. That gradual growth and daily daily sniping at each other is so wonderful in each book.

That was such a beautiful moment between them. ❤️

They both love him so much.

I love how Eve & Sommerset work together every time it matters. Though I think they would be surprised how well they think of each other.

Finally found where I left off this series and it’s been six years so I have a few to catch up on. I’m so glad

When not if they get smart enough to film the series Bill Nighy should be cast as Summerset

It’s so much fun seeing Eve and Summerset snark, but it’s even more fun to see how much the care for each other and especially Rourke.

I also enjoy the insults between them, but how they come together for Roarke.

Summerset and Eve have come a long way. I like that their relationship evolves more and more in each book.

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