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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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19 hours ago
JD Robb

Going with his gut meant Feeney waited a bit longer to get the best trainee a cop could have. ~Laura
#treacheryindeath #partner #strongwomen
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Going with his gut meant Feeney waited a bit longer to get the best trainee a cop could have. ~Laura
#treacheryindeath #partner #strongwomen

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Love the interaction between Eve & Feeney; He always tells it as it is... 👍 ❤️

When Eve questioned why Feeney didn't take Oberman to train, like he said he didn't because It just didn't seem like a right fit. Then he told her that when someone else came along a few years later he knew that was a good fit. From that day on he has been a surrogate father to Eve. Love how the work together even now that he run EDD. (Eve calls it the darkside.

Every time I would finish an In Death book I would turn to hubby and say "that's the best one", now that he is reading them he does the same thing. He just finished this one.

After reading so many "In Death" books, one gets the feeling that these characters are real people. Great writing!

I'm reading this right now. Feeney's instincts are spot on!

I just adore Feeney, bad-ass cop and everyone's Dad.

yesss you* know when You* know .. something wasn't right b4 .. * ..

I like to think this was because Feeney knew something was off with Oberman.

I adore Feeny and Eve's relationship and seeing how it's progressed throughout the series <3

Feeney made an awesome choice 👍

There were & always will be a good fit❤

I’m rereading it this very minute ! Just love Eve!

Just finished my reread of this. It was fun

I love Feeney!

Feeney knew then Eve would be an excellent cob

My favourite

Her’father’ 💕💕

Love Feeney ❤️

Great for you Finney!

It’s a great fit

My favorite in the series.

Great book!

The fit is everything

Her Dad in every way but one.

Love Eve’s and Feeney’s relationship.

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2 days ago
JD Robb

Eve armors up for her first meeting with Oberman thanks to The Closet Fairy and Roarke's effortless fashion sense. ... See MoreSee Less

Eve armors up for her first meeting with Oberman thanks to The Closet Fairy and Roarkes effortless fashion sense.

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I love how Roarke helps her with her wardrobe

After yesterday and today, I feel the need to reread this again! So glad these books are so wonderful!

I am torn but I really think this one is my favorite. I've read every book at least 3 times but I think this one and Nixie gets more rereads than the others!


Love this and would love her closet of clothes

One of my favorite books.

I love how fashion and style, in clothing and room decor, are subtly woven into these fantastic books!

Clothes matter, especially to women! Women dress to impress other women more than men!

GO Eve!!

I love when she dresses for the effect...with expert help of course lol😃❤

Power dressing at its best

Love that book love how she talks about his shorts and suits

My favorite in the series!

I love this book. I love all JD Robb books but this is in my top 5.

I love her closet fairy. She always finds something new and perfect.

I loved this book.

Roarke does know the right clothes to wear for power. Eve is lucky to have him. ❤️

She's learning there are more weapons than what she's carrying.

I really love how Roarke dresses Eve. I would like to have his fashion sense

I love how clothes talk to everyone but Eve. So glad she had Roark to help her out.

A closet fairy.... And McNabb after Peabody called him. Such a good read.

Crush her Dallas!

I’m still on Indulgence but can’t wait for Treachery it’s one of my favorites lol

Am I the only one who pictures Ian Somerhalder as Roake?

Just started rereading this!

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3 days ago
JD Robb

Always good to have a goal. Peabody's is now set in stone. ~Laura

PS: for those who consider the graphics to be literal interpretation, I know this doesn't match the description of the trickling shower in the book. 😊
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Always good to have a goal. Peabodys is now set in stone. ~Laura

PS: for those who consider the graphics to be literal interpretation, I know this doesnt match the description of the trickling shower in the book. 😊

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I think it was the most terrifying few moments of Peabody's life up that point.

Isn't this the one with the effing effing eff tirade in the parking garage at Cop Central? Hilarious 😂

Peabody was so brave.

This one is one of my favorites! I had to pull it out for my bedtime reading because of this post. Thanks for the suggestion!🥰

One of my favorites. (If I could pick just one.)

Peabody came into her own in this book. Love when Eve took care of all the dirty cops.

To me this is one of the best story! Peabody & Eve clean up a really bad Lt & squad!!👍👏

Just finished rereading this for the 4th time! Now starting Celebrity in Death!

I think this one and Obsession might be my two favorites because they highlighted her extended family so well. Then Shadows came along and embraced Roarke in that same family, and it just topped the cake for me.

One of my favorite books bye you. Thank you for the wonderful writing envolved

I loved this one!

This is one of my favorite In Death books.

This was bone of my favorite books!

After Peabody settles down from the fear she felt; she knew that with Eve (her boss) in the picture they would take down the dirty cops. These cops sullied everything that Peabody worked to be and she knew that it would be a mission for Eve. Together with the other cops in her division they cleaned out the blight on the NYPSD.

Considering it was described, I believe, as "piss trickle" this graphic is probably the better choice.

I just reread this book. Actually I have reread this book at least 5 times. Love every minute. Oh, and the parking garage scene is one of the best sections. I won’t say what others are cos I don’t want to jump ahead. All of her books are good but there are some that are more memorable than others. This is one of them

I just re-read (audio version,) Treachery....I had forgotten how good it was. I think may be my favorite. Then again I have all the titles in my audio library. Maybe they are all favorites.🙃

Just reading this for the first time. Got me from the get go, haven’t been able to put it down.

It was such a scary scene! Peabody so vulnerable.

I’ve said it about a hundred times, but treachery is MY FAVOURITE BOOK EVER

One of my favorite scenes.

This one made me cry when they all salute Eve.

This one was an absolute heart pounding read.

That was a good one. That scene where Peabody was in the shower was suspenseful and terrifying.

Yeah, a very scary situation Peabody found herself in - this book is in my top three of the series to date

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