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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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3 days ago
JD Robb

An emotional week of quotes should wind down in the best way. I plan on a glass of wine on the back deck (and maybe watch a ball game too). How will you wind down this weekend? ~Laura
#ny2d #awayfromhercity #strongwomen
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An emotional week of quotes should wind down in the best way. I plan on a glass of wine on the back deck (and maybe watch a ball game too). How will you wind down this weekend? ~Laura
#ny2d #awayfromhercity #strongwomen

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Happening right now: A book, a Pepsi, and my back yard. 🥰

Wine and a hockey game, but close enough.

Hanging wind chimes, searching for a consignment store, READING, maybe trying to find a local used book store.

Spent the day with my daughters and husband in the pool with a BBQ meal.

Love this book despite the emotional ups & downs.

Beer & a ball game sounds perfect! GO CUBS!! 💙⚾️😃

Sitting in front of the AC, 109° when I looked a couple of hours ago. Central California is not for sissies.

I'm retired so "weekend" doesn't mean as much as it used to! 🙂

I'm re reading the entire series cause i got 2 new ones and i love the build up to the new ones. Just so happens i finished this book yesterday, again...🤣🤣 I love this series!

Just ordered more of the series! Replacing my collection for the 3rd time.

3 grandchildren coming to stay with me for ten days… no winding down for me for awhile… 🥰🥰🥰… but if I could… book, coffee, and food.. on my patio..

Not a ton of relaxing being done, whole family coming over to celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow….we’ll get downtime on Sunday. Which I think will involve a book, some wine and my deck. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Quilting ❤️ and of course reading some of Legacy ❤️❤️❤️💕💋

I don't wind down for the weekend; I wind up. 11 am to 11 pm, Sat - Mon at a nursing home.

A good idea and an excellent quote! 😎

Watching my grandson in a basketball tournament🏀

I sure wouldn't argue having a hot tub or jacuzzi and wine. 😊

Wine and gardening. But I’m retired after working since I was 15 years old so every day is the weekend.

I am going to read when I am not doing homework and there are days I wonder what beer and a ballgame is

Backyard pool and glass of wine!

Board games with friends. Board games are the sport of choice on our house. LOL!

I am retired so I can wind down or up anytime I choose lol. Love these books.

Roarke is more than happy to indulge Eve in such simple pleasures, even though we know he could easily buy the ball park and the teams for a night or two. 😉

JD Robb I have had this book a long time and never got round to reading until this week I finished it last night, I love all the in death series and enjoy reading them over and over again, thank you for bringing these books into our lives 😊

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4 days ago
JD Robb

And this reality is all Eve needs. ~Laura
#ny2d #EveandRoarke #strongwomen
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And this reality is all Eve needs. ~Laura
#ny2d #EveandRoarke #strongwomen

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Just finished rereading this book 📖 🙌. I love 💘 that Roarke is what's real to Eve and makes up for the abuse she went through, in a beautiful way. They are there for each other and their love 💘 is real and what's important now and forever. What came before led Eve to Roarke and recognizing things in each other and healing, loving ❤ and understanding. What a beautiful paragraph 😍 that is.

And she's all he needs. A perfectly imperfect pair. This was an awesome story.

I don't know how I missed this one. Maybe because it didn't say "In Death" in the title, but am reading/devouring it now. Will have to rearrange my bookshelf to get it in its proper place.

I’ve recently finished this book; and have a greater appreciation for the underlying moments. My hubby has PTSD, I, emotional trauma. We were floundering until we came together. We bolster each other up when that wave of self doubt tries to smother us. But pity the fool that tries to come for one of us. Because we are both each other’s sword and shield. And that’s what Eve and Roarke are to each other as well.

when they ask what book man would you want as your own my answer is always Roarke

For many reasons, I consider it the true turning point in the series and oddly enough, it's one of my favorites.

As I see it, one thing about Eve is that she's a role model for people who suffered horrors from their birth family and are never, ever going to get a happy ending for that story. Which is more common than many of us realize. Eve is an example that even if you can never go home again, you can make a better home. If you can never trust your original family, you can make a new family that's better than blood.

Love all the book one of my favorite authors. Read all the books and love Dallas and Roake.❤

Their love is like none other!! They give each other strength and such total unconditional support for who they are. I've never read anything close to what they have.

I love the relationship between Roarke and Dallas!!! Two people who had shit parents and terrible childhoods who were on two different sides of the law complete each other!!!

It’s all they both just need. The most beautiful love story I have ever read. And I have read thousands of books

He is her reality even when she doesn’t know what to do with him

Unconditional love and support. Everyone needs it.

I love this series. I think I have read about 50 of them. In each one you get to know a little more about this terrific couple. Please keep them coming.

Eve and Roarke are as real as it gets

Makes you cry every time you read!!!

Wow. Well said Eve.

This book just tore at my heart.

I cried so hard when I read this.

now I need to listen to this one again

He is her Salvation.🤗to

Roarke's the

I just re read this book 2days ago!! Soo good.

I am rereading this one now for the umpteenth time!!!

What number is this in the series? I'm reading through in order and I think I'm on like number 13! LOL.

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5 days ago
JD Robb

For Roarke it was a true disappointment, for Eve relief. ~Laura
#ny2d #strongwomen #EveandRoarke
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For Roarke it was a true disappointment, for Eve relief. ~Laura
#ny2d #strongwomen #EveandRoarke

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I'm team Eve. Relief. Stella had figured it out at the very end, right before she was killed. She may not have realized it, but had she lived, she would have, and Eve would have had to deal with the torture Stella would met out. Now that weight is gone.

i think eve is the one who won here. Rest assured Stella wont end up in heaven, so in the end Stella meets her just reward. Eve won.

Eve had such professional restraint in this book. Susan Ericksen ‘s narration is perfection.

I think they were both glad and relieved she was gone for good. ❤️

Yes, I thought she got off easy, but, I’m not sure Eve and Roarke could’ve moved on, if she were alive and in a cage for the rest of her life. This way, she’s gone from Eve’s life.

I love Nora, especially her supernatural stories. But the In Death series is my absolute favorite! I reread it every year!!!! Every single book in order!!!!

I have read them all...but would like to reread the one where Rourk asks Eve to marry him...can't remember the name?

Roarke's come a long way since meeting Eve.

Remains, as hard as it was to read, a favorite book. Thank you NR!

Just re-read this book. So much goes on in it.

I love these books! Every one of them drag me in! Currently at number 16, portrait in death!

I love her books. #TramEveandRoarke

I will reread this awesome story 🤩

He was disappointed

Loved this book, loved the story!

Stella really got the easy way out

Is there another book coming .., latest please


I just finished rereading this book - it's as good the 3rd or 4th time around as it was the 1st time around.

JD creates such wonderful characters, we become invested in their lives. I'm glad that it was neither Roarke or Eve that took that woman down!

This way Stella will never find out who Eve is and that she’s married to Roarke.

Eve didn't want to see her dead but in a cage for a very long time. But she was always afraid that she would find away to come into her life and torment her. But now it's only in dreams that Richard Troy and Stella can come back to haunt her.

Love these books. Wonder how long b4 we see little Eves and Roakes. What name was book that Roake punched a guy that was coming onto Eve.

I have a question. What is the book prior to NY2D when Eve and Roarke go to Dallas?

So glad JD wrote it that McQueen kills Stella. But look how far Roarke has come to see the punishment of a cage for decades.

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6 days ago
JD Robb

When Eve rejoins Mira and Roarke. Because her home expanded beyond Galahad to encompass the family she's built from scratch. ~Laura
#ny2d #awayfromhercity #herhero
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When Eve rejoins Mira and Roarke. Because her home expanded beyond Galahad to encompass the family shes built from scratch. ~Laura
#ny2d #awayfromhercity #herhero

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I love this. Just finished rereading the book 📖 New York to Dallas. Love it when Eve discovers Dr Mira has brought Galahad for her - a part of home and her life. It made me feel so emotional 😢. Whenever I'm depressed or ill 🤒 my cat comes and snuggles on the bed next to me, like he knows I need some love 💘 and comfort. I just love Galahad. 🐈

I'm grateful cats can live a very long time. I think a Galahad death, even old man natural causes when he's like 25, would seriously gut me. I know it will Eve. Excellent choice Nora Roberts. 💚

Little did she know, but the cat also made her his. Loved this book.

this whole book was a sob fest. Leaves you feeling so drained, but, with the knowledge that Eve has turned the corner in a new understanding and appreciation for what she has. Her family.

I love, love, love Galahad and this series! Reading all for the second time; can't wait for the next book! It's like being with friends. Bella's names for everyone crack me up every time.

Really moving scene love/ hate this book but I keep rereading it

This made me cry again! Such a good book! Hard to read by a good book!

Loved this section of this book. Gets me every time!

This is my most crybaby 😭 scene in the whole series. Cat lover here 😻!

Some of my favorite books to listen to in the car for long engrossing, I don't mind the long boring miles.

About to start the first re-read of this book, before I touch another. Recent comments made me realize how much I missed in the first read.

I loved this so much. Weird as it is though, every time I read Naked in Death, I always wonder what Galahad's name actually was. 🤣

Aside from her job and Mavis friendship, the cat was the first thing she considers her own 😻❤️

Eve tries to explain why she misses home. Like she tells Mira, Roarke got her to bring Galahad because he is such a solid piece of home. Eve still finds it hard to explain what home is to her.

I cried when I read this the first time. She was so pissed off until she saw Galahad. Then everything was okay.

I cried when I read this scene. This is a pivotal book in the life of Eve. I reread this book often.

I need my box of Kleenex when I reread this book-it is a defining moment for Eve

I found this book to be the hardest to read without tears all the time. My heart went out to Dallas and Roake. 🤗

that was a good page when she saw him and was able to hold him, you could feel something inside her relax and she was able to exhale for a bit. was much needed at that point.

That cat is the glue that connects everyone.

Yes, this is the family Eve had built for herself. As a cat person I understand the connection and comfort from Galahad. 💕🐺💕

When I reread the In Death series I always start with NYTD. It's a hard read, but I absolutely love the relationships in it.

Eve taking the cat was the first sign to we the readers of her endless compassion

There’s nothing like a pet to keep you centered.

And Galahad has saved her life twice!

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