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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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1 day ago
JD Robb

Confession time: I'm actually on vacation with my husband, kids and their persons. The first time we're all together since 2019. So I planned posts ahead and scheduled. Only to do a pass by to check in and see that I'd put Delusion instead of Calculated as the title. 😟 #vacationbrain
But here it is again, with the correct title. And the caption still stands: "there's business is good" and "there's business is so good we serve Roarke's blend."
~Laura #delusionindeath #roarke #evedallas
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Confession time:  Im actually on vacation with my husband, kids and their persons.  The first time were all together since 2019. So I planned posts ahead and scheduled.  Only to do a pass by to check in and see that Id put Delusion instead of Calculated as the title. 😟 #vacationbrain 
But here it is again, with the correct title.  And the caption still stands: theres business is good and theres business is so good we serve Roarkes blend.
~Laura #delusionindeath #roarke #evedallas

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Have a wonderful vacation… 🙂

Enjoy your vacation!

Be blessed

Family is everything. Enjoy!

Have fun and enjoy this precious time!

Laura, I love when you make a mistake and own it! I love Nora. My mom got me reading her as a teenager. Then got my dad reading the In Death series. Now we fight over who gets to read them first. He does cuz he pays for them and we share. My moms been gone 5 years and every time I see Nora has a new book coming out I want to call her and tell her. But knowing my mom, she’s probably ready it over Noras shoulder and she writes it. ❤️❤️❤️

Enjoy your vacation

"confession" in death **by Laura, the inestimable publicist 🙃😂

Enjoy family time!

Have a great vacation

Enjoy your vacation!

You not only get a pass because you're on vacation, you get one because of the incredibly patient way you handle this page and the few who insist on believing they know more about the In Death Universe than its creator. Enjoy your time away with your family.

Have fun…we love the Quotes-any quotes!!

Enjoy your vacation. I know how difficult it can be to get your whole family together at once.

nope it was a Big Miracle

Enjoy your time with family, thanks for all you do!

Good coffee makes a huge difference in your life!

Enjoy Vacation Laura!

As a dedicated tea drinker and occasional consumer of coffee, I can say that having a good quality of your preferred beverage is a must. Have a great vacation, Laura!

it's the connected little bits thru the books that makes them a lot of fun - Roarke's coffee, the candy thief, Galahad, Trina, Roarke's family ...

Have a great vacation Laura!

Have an AMAZING time on your well deserved vacation! You DEFINITELY deserve it. 😊❤️

Have a great time with family and friends. You work hard enough for three people!!📚

Happy vacation!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful books! They saved me after my daughter died. They kept my mind occupied driving to work and back 40 miles! Your the best! I'm hooked!❤❤❤

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2 days ago
JD Robb

Peabody and Eve's polar opposite views of snow. ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #evedallas #peabody #chill
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Peabody and Eves polar opposite views of snow. ~Laura
 #calculatedindeath #evedallas #peabody #chill

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I love the snow while I'm reading a book and drinking coffee in my pajamas. Not a fan of driving in it!!!

We don't get widespread snow in Australia, and I would love just once, to have a blanket of snow outside. My spouse grew up in a snowy place and is on Eve's team in this debate 😂

I get such a laugh at this Peabody loving the snow and Eve hating it. Well opposites attract.

Eve's urban and Peabody's free ager opposite ends of the spectrum

I agree with Eve.Hated snow.So glad it doesn't snow in Sth Australia

its cold enough ere to snow!! just rain. i love a new fallen snow.

It’s called “snirt” when it’s in those black mounds. Lol

My favourite series of all time

That’s Eve, always the realist!

I 💙🧡 New York. 🌬❄️🤍🌨☃️💩

Eve is right. Snow is only pretty for a short time on the streets.

Eve and Peabody are polar opposites when it comes to weather

I'm with Eve on that one for

They’re both right though!



She's not wrong!😆

I'm with Eve

Just a few more weeks and I'll be able to hear Eve in my ears about the NY ❄️❄️ and 🥶 lol

I agree with them both

I totally agree with Eve

Leave it to Eve.

I'm definitely a Peabody. I love snow and always will - and yes, we have to drive through it 26 miles one way to get to town and back every week for shopping. I still love it. ❄️❄️❄️

I'm from Pittsburgh I have to share this.😂😂

I agree with Eve.

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3 days ago
JD Robb

Just a reminder. Good thing Baxter comes along. 😊 ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #evedallas #vendingmachines
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Just a reminder. Good thing Baxter comes along. 😊 ~Laura
 #calculatedindeath #evedallas #vendingmachines

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Loved the time the vending machine thinks she’s another detective and the machine is going to send in a complaint on the other detective!

That machine has no idea who it's messing with! 😉

lol how many times I've felt Eve's pain as I've beaten a vending machine into submission!!

Eve has so much trouble with vending machines. They must sense her antagonism towards them and don't play fair. 😆🤣😂 Just as well Baxter comes along. Eve usually finds someone to operate the machine for her.

Eve was equally rough on her first computer. As I am rereading from the beginning it only took 10 books (about 13 months) to get rid of it! I fear the vending machines are a permanent thorn in her side! I am now watching for when Roarke started taking charge of her clothes. So far her go to work wardrobe is still jeans.

Dallas' relationship with vending machines is a lot like mine with the 5 traffic light I go through to leave town or get home. Only once in the year I've lived here have I made it through all five without having to stop. They hate me...

I love how Eve hates everything technology related even vending machines. I agree with her though they have their own agenda lol

Eve hates vending machines, she says they have a conspiracy against her. She doesn't mind kicking them or punching them and then they start spewing out all the things in what she asks for. Baxter saves the day, this time.

The feud with the machines!!! I love how human it makes her!

I think the vending machines knows it's Eve

We would shake the machine in the teachers lounge to get the stuff to come down

yesss her* MAIN CONCERN

I love Eve's issue with vending machines. It is so funny.

Poor Eve - she and machines/vending machines don't get along..

She is my role model

🤣🤣🤣🤣😍🤣 Eve

I absolutely love this series. Eve is my sister warrior ❤

Hey, vending machine rage is justified. 🤣 I feel Eve's pain.

Well, now Roarke has her Autochef stocked for her.

Eve's main problem with vending machines is that, being inanimate objects, she can't threaten them. They, however, obviously CAN threaten her.

I love Eve vs vending machine.

Poor Eve and her vending machine ciaos.

Death in vending machine.

I keep wondering who the candy thief is?!

Quit kicking those machines, Dallas.

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4 days ago
JD Robb

As a follow up to yesterday's quote, Judge Yung knows exactly what Eve's job entails. And how good she is at it. ~Laura
#calculatedindeath #evedallas #strongwomen
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As a follow up to yesterdays quote, Judge Yung knows exactly what Eves job entails. And how good she is at it. ~Laura
 #calculatedindeath #evedallas #strongwomen

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I find it amusing every time someone in a position of power tells Eve that they'd pull whatever strings necessary to get her on the relevant case. She really doesn't understand how good she is... to her, it's just how the job is done.

One of the things I love about Nora’s books is that the body is never just a body, you see the effect on family & friends (& if there aren’t any then Eve, Morris etc still care)

If Dallas was on the recent death in the media, she would solve it in no time! I would want her and her crew on a case if I lost a loved one!❤❤❤

Eve is so good at doing her job that there are those that would pull strings to get her on their cases. Finding justice for their loved ones.

I love that scene it's such a counterpoint to all the scenes where she's had to deal with brass criticism, their wives complaining, or traitorous coworkers.

My solid belief is that Eve has second sight, which is why she talks to the dead in dreams!

To Eve every dead body means something to her and she needs to find the person responsible. It is just her job.

I hate how my breath catches when I read these, before I remember that they are all fictional characters.

Everyone knows that no matter what Eve won't stop until the killer is caught.

I love the faith Judge Yung has in Eve and Peabody

I just finished this audio book yesterday.

I just finished this book! 🥰


Love how other people in the system respect Eve.

In Death books are awesome reads.

And she did....

Just finished that one

I'm rereading this right now.

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