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In the latest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates a murder with a mysterious motive and a terrifying weapon…

In the new novel in the #1Β New York Times-bestselling series, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…



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9 hours ago

JD Robb

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Hello I love your books πŸ“šπŸ˜€

Oh boy I've been wanting a book that focuses on Roarke!

Can’t wait πŸ˜€

Looking forward to this

Roll on September. The highlight of a pretty tough year <3 x

Three days before my birthday πŸŽ‚. Anyone want to get me this for a present πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚. LOVE these books ❀️

Oh Eve is not going to stand for that! Can not wait!❀❀

Got it on preorder on Audiobooks

Roll on September...

Finally a book that focuses on just Roarke. Can’t wait to read this.

preordered on Amazon.

Shannon Finchum

I’m kinda nervous to read this! I hate when Roark gets targeted!!

I still have to read Golden in Death.

Can't wait!! Although I will. Lol

The way this year is going September cannot be too far away

SO excited for this one!!

Oh. In Swedish that date means 9 Aug. But I guess you mean 8 Sep....

If you guys need someone to proofread, I will πŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ˜ September is just too far away to wait. πŸ˜‹

Just preordered..Turn The Page Cafe♥️

Pre-ordered months ago. Can't wait!!

Cool I can't wait


On pre-order from Audible, trying to wait patiently. So hard to wait.

Can’t wait! I’ve done all fifty twice recently so ready for a new one.

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11 hours ago

JD Robb

Last Memory quote. Always good to see Eve and Roarke in sync. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Last Memory quote.  Always good to see Eve and Roarke in sync. ~Laura

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I often get a kick out of their if this...then that scenarios. It would break my heart if any of them ever happened.

Love the chemistry between these two to the core ♥️

Love these two.

I just love Eve and Roarke!

Love them!!

Awwww romance β€οΈπŸ˜‚

Love love πŸ’•

When is your next book coming?

I love the ways they each discuss "punishing" the other. Eve and Roarke are easily two of my favorite characters from any book, and any author.

Love the creativity between these two and what they will do if done wrong

Love them πŸ₯°


His vast wealth makes Eve uncomfortable. She did NOT marry him for his money. Might have been easier for Roarke if he hadn’t been wealthy.

I just love the way they interact. It shouts so much love


They are so in tune with each other.

They are so in LOVE

I enjoy how in sink they are to the point where they have similar versions of violent acts they would inflict on each other should that person double cross them

Love that man



Love this.

Oh the love they have!!❀❀

I just loved how they know each other so much and is comfortable in their marriage.

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1 day ago

JD Robb

Let's be real, she still lops it off! ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Lets be real, she still lops it off!  ~Laura

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She is her own woman and I applaud her for being true to herself! It also always makes me chuckle when she cuts her own hair as we all know it's going to result in a visit from...Trina and then watch-out Eve πŸ™‚

She seemed embarrassed by that picture., because she worked so hard to do better, and it reminded her of just starting out.

Raise your hand if you pulled an Eve and lopped off your hair during self distancing?πŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ˜„

you gotta love Eve

Every time I start cutting my own hair these last four months I think of Eve!

To Trixie’ frustration. But Trixie does put the fear of God in Eve

I like that she cuts the back because "it was in her eyes" πŸ˜€ x

I loved when she cut the back because it was in her eyes πŸ˜‚

To be fair -- an opponent in a fight can still grab short hair. Only time they can't grab hair is when it's buzzed or gone completely.

So true Laura.

Lol my daughter just talked about all of us looping our hair off

Not yet

Love this series! Just finished re-reading them!!

I did my son's and my daughter's too


WASN’T SURE WHAT IT SAID ABOUT HER that she was more comfortable in the morgue than in a baby boutique. And she didn’t actually care. The cold white walls, the scent of death under the piney odors of cleansers were the familiar. Born in Death

I cut all mine off when I realized I had to have open heart surgery. Dealing with tangles and ‘fixing’ it was going to be too much work during recovery!

She sure does!


Had the exact same happen in my training....

I can't picture her in my mind view of her with long hair. It suits her so well getting chopped off when it's in the way lol!

I use to wear my hair much longer. Had it cut short day after I left my husband! My "Independence Look". Kept it short for several months to prove a point, then let it grow back, never that long again! Wearing short now, but with 4 months without a beauty parlor trim, it looks horrendous. They opened last week, but my shop still undergoing renovations required to keep customers and stylists safe. I cannot wait!

He love her so much and can't think of what she would look like with long hair. So he requests that she give him a picture of her before they met. Love these books and how they build their love for each other.

Eve has her priorities for sure

That is so Eve!

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4 days ago

JD Robb

Some days, Eve is so sweetly innocent. Loved her reaction to a Mira marital fight. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Some days, Eve is so sweetly innocent.  Loved her reaction to a Mira marital fight.  ~Laura

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I would for this series to be made into movie or tv series!!

Eve and the Marriage Rules

Love Dennis and Charlie

Love Dennis Mira and his Charlie

Eve had never seen anyone in a good marriage before, well, other than the Feeney's! And she was scared of Mrs Feeney! LOL

Eve has a soft spot for Dennis Mira, she loves the marriage rules when she remembers them but always learns something new when she talks to Dr. Mira.

Love them.

Love won't get you through it all day to day. You have to like each other a lot too and a good sense of humor is essential! πŸ₯°

I love how Eve reacts when she gets glimpses into the Mira's lives

Yes. The Marriage rules were hard enough for Eve, then she found out Mr And Mrs Mira had fights? That really shocked her

Eve's shock at finding out her idol is human.

I love Dennis and Charlie.

Love every characterπŸ’œπŸ’œThey are all like old friends. I have read every book. Also my favorite author πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Absolutely have a crush on Dennis too lol

I love all the characters. Unfortunately going thru a bad time recently lost my husband and in my grief, what use to give me pleasure (reading) I just can't seem to get into it.

Eve always has a thing about other peoples relationship. Love the Mira’s.

Love this entire scene.

Love. The relationship between Eve and the Miras. Eve is also just learning about marriage.

Love their human reality side

Never would put up with a wimp, or a bully trying TO COVERUP his weakness 😏

Do not let Hollywood have this series or any part of it. They have done damage to, to many.

The Mira’s.... LOVE THEM!!❀️

Mira is Eve’s mother of the heart.

Eve kind of has the Mira’s on a pedestal. Of course her Eve and Roarke don’t have an average relationship.

Karisma Ramsaran Jacklyn Ramsaran

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