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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.



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Our last Thankless quote. And even if she doesn't get answers about the why, Eve will continue the good fight. ~Laura
#thanklessindeath #evedallas #anothertruth
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Our last Thankless quote. And even if she doesnt get answers about the why, Eve will continue the good fight. ~Laura
 #thanklessindeath #evedallas #anothertruth

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I think that in her own way, Nixie inspires Eve as much as Eve inspires Nixie.

Wonder this all the time. Finally came to the same conclusion that Eve and Roarke have said in previous books. It's choice. Not nurture, not nature, but choice.

Jerry makes me SO mad! He blames every failure on someone else! Doesn't take responsibility for his lack of effort or drive, expects others to support him while he lays around and does nothing! I know people like that, some are my cousins. Fortunately, they never tried to kill their parents, bit sucked their wallets dry!

I love that she cares so much even when she doesn’t realize it. She has great empathy for her victims ❤️

Eve always does her best for all the dead but she will always say that it's Choice that makes you either a survivor or someone who decides that everybody owes them.

Just finished reading Survivor in Death. It is my favorite In Death book.

This made me go back and re-read Thankless, which I hadn't in years, if ever. All I'd remembered was the absolute cruelty of Reinhold. The humanity of others in between was a "new" treasure for me to re-discover. Thanks Laura!

You always wonder how some come back from tragedies and others don’t

Yes Eve will always stand for the dead and try to bring justice for them

I love Nixie. If Eve and Roarke did have a kid, I always imagined he or she would be like Nixie.

Eve relates to Nixie very well and admires how she has chose to try to live

Every time I see a quote, it makes me want to start the series again! 🙂

Its always choice.

love the books. have read them many times and always looking for the next new one. Q: Has Nora ever had an artist paint her what her characters would look like from Nora's perspective?

Love her books

Can the In Death series be read in any order? Or in publication order?

One of my favorite In Death books...rereading ot now for the 1,000th time.....❤❤❤❤

Good one.

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In context -- outside the house on a rainy night by the sideline of a muddy game of soccer -- makes sense. Just out there? Not so much. 🤣 ~Laura
#evedallas #thanklessindeath #roarke
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In context -- outside the house on a rainy night by the sideline of a muddy game of soccer -- makes sense. Just out there? Not so much. 🤣 ~Laura
 #evedallas #thanklessindeath #roarke

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I love how Eve deliberately confuses idioms I believe it is totally on purpose.

Have to disagree Laura. Being outside watching a game of football (what you call soccer) is my idea of heaven 😄⚽️

I love the Irish family, and enjoy every time they show up in a book. They lighten the mood temporarily, as they are supposed to.

I hated the villian in this but lots of good dialog between everyone in Eve's world's

I'm with Eve who want to play in the mud and rain and especially if you don't understand the game.

For some reason I’m remembering them playing rugby. Oh, well 🤷🏽‍♀️, the way Roarke’s family plays soccer/football, the two sports are one in the same. 🤣🤣

Definitely need to reread soon x

Eve's fear of cows is always hilarious.

I've got to reread this one

This book is so good!! The villain is an ass but so many of the scenes make my heart sing!! Also, can we please talk about how much Jamie loves Eve!!!

Perfect for this cold rainy NH day!

Lmao that does give you a strange picture

It's much funnier with context

I Have Got To re-read this one!

She does have a way with words!😂

Some people out there might think Cow Abuse. But the loyal J.D. Robb fans know better.

rereading them now and just finished Thankless in Death, loved that quote.

Poor cow

Thankless ID is one of my favorite ID books. Love the dialogue. Great book. Laughed out loud at this scene.

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I think the cake mattered more than squad's applause. ~Laura
#thanklessindeath #evedallas #peabody
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I think the cake mattered more than squads applause. ~Laura
 #thanklessindeath #evedallas #peabody

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And pie. Don’t forget about pie. It’s mentioned in different books but always ends with “what kind of pie?” and it’s never answered. It’s a small mystery within the overall mystery. 😉

Cake always matters to Eve when she remembers it

My husband hates both congratulations and the cake. Give him a huge brownie and leave him alone and he's a happy man! I learned that when he got promoted the first time when we were newly weds. Some people just want to be left alone and do their thing.

Love her sense of humor

Best squad with the best rapport.

Oh I love the cake 🍰 and pie 🥧 scenes 🤗

Oh, DEFINITELY the cake mattered more! Considering all the times Nadine's shown up with goodies and Eve hasn't had any because her squad are pigs -- Cake Matters!

Food is always a motivation and deterant to her squad. The fact they saved anything is a surprise. But, her squad loves her.

That whole sets of scenes are some of my very favorite.

Just finished this. Thank you for another great read. Now i wait longingly for the next!

Eve loves her team!

Applause is from respect, cake is from love

Been channeling Peabody this Thanksgiving and thinking “Loose pants, loose pants.”

So funny. Eve will certainly enjoy that piece of cake 🎂 🥮. Her squad appreciate her so much. ❤

They're the best 💗☺️

Eve was happy about the cake

Anyone else get cravings while reading these books? One will focus on donuts, they are talking about them or eating them all the way through the book and I have to have a donut. The next book is pie... the next is cake... have to have! 🍩🥧🥮

Eve never knows how to accept congratulations from anyone even her squad, but her love of cake got to take back the idiots. Gotta love these excerpts.

love it

Love your books!!!!

Love these books!

Cake 🍰 is definitely important x

She is my very favorite.

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Eve got the point of the medal ceremony in her own time. Glad she did. ~Laura
#thanklessindeath #evedallas #anothertruth #medal
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Eve got the point of the medal ceremony in her own time. Glad she did. ~Laura
 #thanklessindeath #evedallas #anothertruth #medal

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I remember getting goosies the first time I read that. Then I thought. NOT FOR HERSELF she would not be comfortable with accepting awards for doing her JOB! But for the Victims, especially Nixie, She WOULD ACCEPT PROUDLY! And that is why we love HER. Tucked In to her irascibility and discomfort is the Victim child, and the reason she is the Cop she is. I love her and that child within. Nora made me love her. I appreciate that most of all.

Yes, it matters. Heros dont do the deed to get the medal. They do it because they see something that needs doing, and they do it. Eve sees doing it as her job, but she goes so far beyond her job, she is a hero.

That was the best moment Nixie and her love for Eve.

It took a while but Eve figured out what the medal meant It was for all the dead, the survivors and everyone she stands for. Love it.

It was a touching moment. Plus they brought her cake.

She is my favorite author.

I’m glad Eve got it! She accepted what an honor it was for all those she had & would “stand for”!

I cry every time I read this, but they are good tears. Thank you Nora! 💖

Favorite scene in the entire book.

I'm glad Eve finally understood why the medal mattered

Cake makes everything good, PLUS she finally gets that the medals DO MATTER to others too as a symbol of what she stands for

Just finished Survivor in Death, where Nixie is the star. It’s one of my favorites in the series. Makes me cry every time.

I love this scene where it hits Eve that it matters. So poignant and real. <3

I was glad Eve finally realised why the medal mattered x

It did matter and I loved the lightbulb moment for Eve

I totally LOVE this whole series of Robb! I also love all of your books written under your real name!

Plus didn’t she get cake??

I’m on my 6th time reading this series, am on Book 18 now (again). Just can’t put them down 🙌🌟✨🙌🥰

Love the whole series! I have ALL of the books!

Does anyone know about j.d. Robb Christmas card thing, where you send her a card?

I ugly cried in this part. Eve gets it.

I love your books! You are fabulous

I wanted them to adopt Nixie so hard.

Loved that “Aha” moment that Eve had.

I’m rereading Survivor in Death right now!

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